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Budgeting for Holiday Shopping

by Sherri on October 16, 2013 · 0 commentsThis post may contain an affiliate link. Read my Disclosure Policy here

budgeting for holiday shopping
As the Holidays fast approach us, I wanted to take a moment (as I do every year) to talk about “Budgeting” for the Holiday Shopping that we are quickly facing!! 

As of today October 16th, there are ONLY 69 days until Christmas and 43 days until Hanukkah!!

I will be posting a LOT more “bargain finds” than I would on normal days because it is my goal to help find you as many great, cheap prices as I can.  My mission is to help you save BIG.

Set a Budget and Make a List

Most importantly, I want to remind you how important it is to be a savvy, prepared shopper.  And that starts with a “Budget” AND a “List” of all of those who you will be buying for this Holiday season.  (see my simple holiday shopping list below that you can print for yourself as well).   I make a separate “Santa List”.  Print out your list(s) and carry it with you when shopping.

Remember, budgeting for your holiday shopping is the best and easiest way to NOT spend too much!!  Make sure that as you purchase any item, you have someone to cross off on your list.  Don’t feel compelled to take advantage of an offer you find or that I post about unless it can truly benefit you or someone you know.  Feel free to forward any deals to your friends and family as well.  Ideas for Grandparents are great!

Open a Christmas Saving Fund

Another idea for budgeting is to start a Christmas Shopping Fund and put away a little each week (even $10 or $15) to go toward your holiday shopping.  If you don’t have one yet, you can start now and get a FREE $50 Bonus from CaptialOne360.

It may not pay for this 2013 season but it’s perfect to begin for next year. Have $10 – $20 automatically transferred each week, whatever you can do.  Just pick an amount of money that you likely won’t miss and you will feel great next year this time with over $500 or more already put away.

Keep Gift Giving to a Minimum

Remember, you don’t have to overspend and go into debt to celebrate the real meaning of the Holidays.   Choose to NOT exchange gifts with some family members.  We started this tradition several years ago.  The adults in our family do not exchange with each other.   We give small gifts to the children, i.e. nieces and nephews.  It has taken a tremendous amount of pressure off of us.  You can choose to do a White Elephant gift exchange for something fun.  Or an Ornament exchange we have done as well.

Compare prices on Amazon

I will be posting a lot more Amazon Deals than usual.  It is by far my favorite shopping place!  I have always found the same prices on Amazon that I see on many Black Friday deals.  Be sure to check out my Retail Deals Category for the most current deals.

Don’t pay for shipping

Grab your EREE 30 Day Trial Membership to Amazon Prime or a 3 month FREE Trial membership when you join the Free Amazon Mom program. Amazon Prime gives you the wonderful FREE 2 Day Shipping!  I highly recommend it!

Amazon prices can fluctuate quickly.  So, if I post a particular item don’t be alarmed if the price changes a bit when you get to it.  Sometimes it’s just a few dollars and sometimes the bargain price is completely over.  As people purchase items, they can change.   Don’t worry if you miss out.  Something else will come around for you I am sure.

My favorite categories to check regularly on Amazon are the following:

Print your Holiday Shopping List.

Be sure to put it in your purse and fill in as you purchase gifts.

holiday shopping list

Do you have any tips that you use for budgeting for holiday shopping??


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